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Zdravetz Essential Oil

Natural Sourcing Zdravetz Essential Oil, also known as Bulgarian Geranium, is steam distilled from Geranium macrorrhizum, a perennial flowering plant with aromatic leaves.

The oil possesses a beautifully complex green, woody, herbaceous and slightly floral aroma. Although it is sometimes compared to Rose or Rose Geranium Essential Oils, Zdravetz Oil is deeper and much more green and woody in aroma. Those that traditionally find geranium essential oils to be too strong or overpowering will likely be pleasantly surprised by the aromatic character of Zdravetz Essential Oil.

Zdravetz Essential Oil is used primarily in the perfume and fragrancing industries. It is considered a middle to base note and is useful as a natural fixative for fragrancing applications. Its aroma makes it well suited for formulations intended for men as well as women. It blends beautifully with rose, geranium, clary sage, lavender, ylang ylang, and oils in the wood, citrus, floral and herbaceous families.

Therapeutically, not much is known about its potential applications. As it is a base note with a deep, rich aroma, it is likely worth exploring for its grounding, balancing and calming attributes.


INCI Nomenclature:

Geranium Macrorrhizum (Zdravetz) Oil

Shelf Life:

2 Years +



Extraction Method:

Steam Distilled

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